Standard Speaker, Hazleton, PA
7 days a week

So that all of our customers may enjoy their viewing experiences, please abide by the following rules:


Diet Coke


Root Beer



Hot Dogs
French Fries
Onion Rings
Funnel Cakes
Steak Hoagies
Steak and Cheese Hoagies
Meatball Hoagies
Meatball and Cheese Hoagies
Nachos and Cheese
Apple Sticks
Fresh Popped Popcorn
Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Rules of the Drive In

Family Owned and
Operated For Over 60 years!

  • Park large vehicles in the back and sides of the drive in
  • Keep headlights off when entering
  • Keep hatchbacks at roof level so others can see the movie
  • Pets allowed as long as they are leashed and controlled
  • Respect the vehicles next to you
  • Fires, barbeques, and laser pointers are not permitted
  • Quiet during movies and keep stereos at reasonable levels
  • Keep admission tickets until the end of the night
  • Throw garbage away in cans located throughout the premises

We serve the following items in our concession stand:

Concession Stand


Throughout over six decades of operations, people of all ages have visited us for the unique experience of watching movies under the stars on our colossal screen! Pack up your lawn chairs and blankets, and stop by to see your favorite movies on the big screen!

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